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Jeannette's Story

Jeannette McGrath has been trimming horses for over 25 years and has been a dedicated Barefoot Farrier in Idaho and Wyoming for over 14 years. Her personal horses and clients include a variety of popular breeds plus miniature horses, ponies, draft horses, mules, gated horses, and mustangs. She is also an experienced Natural Horsemanship trainer and will train young horses or horses with behavior problems to stand for a trim. She rode her barefoot horses across America in 2011-12 and proved that it not only works- it excels! Jeannette is a highly adventurous, avid, and expert mountain rider who enjoys the backcountry right here in Bonner county and surrounding areas- all with very comfortable barefoot horses. She has been horse crazy since childhood and enjoys the privilege of sharing her passion with other horse owners and enthusiasts. Jeannette finds joy in fulfilling her dreams and encouraging others to live without regrets.
(See below for details about the cross country ride.)
For more information about the Ride Across America including the blog, gallery, and information about the charity, check out
Hearts Up
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